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Article: Non-surgical face lift

Non-surgical face lift


As part of the natural ageing process the skin tissue breaks down and collagen production depletes. This causes the skin to loose elasticity and become loose and fragile with a lack of volume. Non-surgical face lift treatment provides the natural tightening and firming without surgery, stitches or scarring. 

What do we use?

The Endymed 3DEEP machine delivers very focused RF (Radiofrequency) energy deep into the skin. This stimulates your natural collagen in the skin to remodel itself to become tighter and stronger, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. Our therapists ensure the Endymed Radiofrequency treatment is delivered deeper into the skin for unparalleled deep volumetric heating and clinically proven results. The treatments are suitable for all facial areas – cheeks, forehead, eyes, mouth and jawline, as well as body tightening such as abdomen, post pregnancy loose skin, buttocks and cellulite too. Our Radio Frequency (RF) treatment is an effective solution for double chin removal, skin tightening, and face tightening to reduce sagging face and jowl lines. 

Duration of treatment: 45-60 minutes

Cost: From 1200QR

Suitable for: Loose skin and stubborn areas of fat